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October 2023


The route


Experience what makes the Argosaronic Gulf islands so fabulous! Hydra, the lady of Saronic, a masterpiece of nature welcomes and enchants you with its unique beauty and the cosmopolitan life. Explore the romantic vibes of Poros in a peaceful break out of the busy rhythms of Athens. Enjoy an unforgettable island-tour with a local and discover the lifestyle of the islanders. Grab your swimwear and a towel and join us! Don’t miss it!


  • Walking-tour in Poros

  • Visit the archeological museum of Poros

  • Walking-tour in Hydra, the Lady of the Saronic

  • Enjoy a 30min coastline-walk of natural beauty and rare fauna against Vlychos Beach in Hydra (in summer season)

  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Vlychos Beach (in summer season)

  • Enjoy a lunch-break with fresh fish and traditional Greek food

  • Learn about Greek history and lifestyle from the telling stories of our friendly archeologist

  • Shopping & coffee-break at local spots


  • Smart-Eco-Pickup at Pireaus metro station at 07:10a.m

Pick up and drop off is at Piraeus Metro Station, very close to the port (5 min. walking) at 07:10a.m in order to avoid the city’s traffic jam. You will receive directions by e-mail with the location of Piraeus metro station. With the “Smart-Eco-Pickup” service we depart directly from Athens and save time (up to 1 hour) to enjoy your breakfast at the hotel. Be a Smart-Traveler and join our green environment policy to reduce the city’s pollution and traffic jam. Act like a local by using the modern metro of Athens.


  • 12 hours


Escape from the quick rhythm of Athens and in one hour distance experience two beautiful islands!

We depart with our friendly trip attendant-archaeologist, at 07:10a.m from the “Smart-Eco-Pickup” at Piraeus metro station and in 5 minutes distance we reach the gate of our ship. An unforgettable relaxing day-trip to the most amazing islands of Saronic Gulf, Hydra and Poros, has just started!

The Port of Piraeus is the chief sea port of Athens, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. It is the main port of Athens since ancient times. Your archaeologist will reveal all its secrets stories.

We move through the islands with flying-dolphins or the high-speed flying-cat making our transfers very comfortable and quick (important note: you will receive an extra e-mail to book the tickets).

In one hour we arrive in Poros, the island of the pines where we have around 2 ½ hours to explore and feel its romance and the low rhythms. Let the lemon trees of Galata capture your eye. Watch the old clock of the mainland that arises from the highest part of the hill and is distinguishable from all the corners of the island.

We discover its long history dating from the antiquity combining it with a visit to the small museum of Poros, built in 1960. Learn all the details and the telling-stories from our friendly trip attendant-archaeologist in a relaxing coffee-break.

After Poros and in 35minutes route we reach Hydra, the island of celebrities. We have plenty of time to stroll around the narrow streets of the Lady of the Saronic Gulf with our friendly archeologist. Discover the hidden gems of Hydra participating in the game of the “hidden” treasure! There are numerous celebrities in the world who have experienced Hydra like Sophia Loren, Leonard Cohen, Anthony Perkins Lennon, Eric Klapton, Rolling Stones, Onassis and Callas etc. Though, in Hydra everyone is equal and no social-status stands out!

Learn about the history of the island and the lifestyle of the islanders. The name “Hydra” comes from the various springs that arise in the island. Explore the picturesque alleys and capture the stony houses that are still standing against the modern lifestyle. Donkeys and taxi boats are the unique means of transport in the island and invite you to escape from the modern routine. We also taste the famous “amygdalota” of Hydra. In summer season we enjoy a 30-minute coastline walk with a splendid view against Vlychos beach. Beach-boats or water-taxis are available too. The beach is listed at the 9 most beautiful beaches in Europe according to Forbes. Dive into one of the most beautiful and organized beaches of Hydra with pebbles and crystal-clear waters, suitable for young children as well (in summer season).

After being enchanted by the nature and the majestic landscapes, complete this unique experience by tasting Greek traditional local delicacies in a beach-front tavern. (in summer season)

Last but not least, enjoy a short stop for some shopping of traditional handmade souvenirs!

After this unforgettable experience we are back at Piraeus at around 20:00 together with our trip-attendant-archaeologist.

Join us and feel like being with a friend who is excited to show you around like a Greek!


  • Trip attendant-archaeologist (English/Greek)

  • Full Walking-tour in both of the islands

  • Basic travel insurance


  • Organized activities in each island (optional)

  • Personal expenses

  • Transfer with the taxi-boat (optional)


  • We will send you an e-mail in order to book the tickets for Hydra & Poros!

  • Our trip attendant-archaeologist will be waiting with a marking of Ammon Express IN the metro station once you validate your ticket BEFORE the exit

  • You should be at the departure point 10΄ before the time indicated in the schedule

  • In summer season bear in mind to have a bottle of water, sunglasses and a hat

  • Wear comfortable shoes to walk around the islands

  • Bear in mind to have your personal medication in case of allergies

  • Don’t forget your swimwear, a towel, sunscreen and a hat! (in summer season)

  • In winter season we do not visit Vlychos Beach

  • Free of charge entrance to the archaeological site is valid for youths up to 18 years old and University and Technological Educational Institutes students or students of equivalent schools of EU Members

  • Reduced entrance fee (2€) is valid for European Union citizens aged over 65 and for students of Higher Education Institutes outside the European Union

  • In winter season 01/11 - 31/03, the general entrance fee is 2€

  • Please be consistent with the exact appointment times specified by the Ammon Express escort, so that the excursion will remain unforgettable to all participants

  • About Vlichos beach:

    • Distance from Hydra: 2k

    • Type of beach: Sand & Pebbles

    • Walk to it: Yes

    • Hike to it: Yes

    • Horse trek to it: Yes

    • Beach Boat: Yes

    • Water Taxi: Yes

    • Suitable for: All

    • Tested Sea Quality: EXCELLENT

    • Difficulty: Low

Have a nice trip and an unforgettable experience!

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